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Total Explosion Gym is the brain child of owner and lead trainer Angelo Riguero. In mid-2010 in Dallas, Texas Angelo had been approached by several friends and colleagues to help them reach their weight or strengthening goals. Helping one friend led to another and soon Total Explosion Gym was born. Taking his years of fitness knowledge and his love of helping people made Total Explosion Gym what it is today.

Angelo Riguero has been exposed to the best practices of fitness from coaches around the world (mostly in South America and the US) for maintaining good health from years of professional sports training in many different areas of athletics. Angelo has always taken fitness training seriously and strives to achieve the next level in any activity he participates in. In recent years Angelo has broaden his fitness exposure to include bodybuilding, body sculpting and modeling. Angelo wanted to share his vast experience and knowledge with everyone and chose to do this by opening Total Explosion Gym.

Total Explosion Gym has and will always be a business dedicated to helping people to be healthy and finding joy in life. Over the last year and a half, the gym expanded the number of services offered to include a broad range of fitness and nutritional regimens including dietary planning, bodybuilding, Rumba classes and other alternative forms of fitness training by incorporating positive energy, awesome music, dancing and good eating.

Total Explosion Gym is a family oriented business that is dedicated to clients of all ages. Our company slogan "An Explosive Experience" is what our group of knowledgeable and dedicated trainers will deliver to you every day! We will always have your best interests at heart and continue to look for new and exciting ways of motivating you to find the positive outlook on your life.

From our 360° Assessments to our group and individual workouts, Total Explosion Gym is committed to providing excellent service, fun and effective programs, client networking, peer support and a promise to improve the health of our clients.

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