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At Total Explosion Gym we take your fitness goals seriously. Our experienced trainers will assist you in obtaining your desired weight or in keeping your body in the best of health. Our 360° fitness assessment takes in all aspects of your life in order to design a program just for you.

Here is one of our current and satisfied clients, Audra. She started her program with Total Explosion Gym in 2010. Her goal was to lose weight for health reasons. Since starting her journey with one of our personal trainers she has lost weight and has continued to maintain that weight loss with plans to continue losing weight. In a recent interview, Audra had this to say…

Working out with Angelo is amazing! He has the ability to motivate you and help you realize you can physically do more than you ever imaged you could accomplish. I've had other trainers in the past and the difference I've seen with Angelo is that he really wants for me to reach my goals as much if not more than I want to. I lost a total of 70 pounds in the first 8 months and I've managed to keep that weight off since I started working out with him in March/April 2010.

Audra started out weighing 285 pounds and is currently weighing in at 215 pounds and she feels great. In the same interview she had this to say about her experience and her trainer.

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I have more energy and more self-confidence. Angelo is right there with me every step of the way. I never feel like I'm alone on this journey to meet my goals. He has been available to provide support and encouragement for my solo workouts and diet. While he has high expectations for my diet and workout, he has never made me feel like a failure when I've had a setback. He just helps me to move forward and get back on track. I'm only halfway to my fitness goal and look forward to working out with Angelo to reach it!

By joining Total Explosion Gym you too can have "An Explosive Experience" and reach your fitness goals. Total Explosion Gym is committed to improving your way of life and changing the way you feel about yourself!

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