Explosion Boot Camp

Welcome to EXPLOSION BOOT CAMP! Total Explosion Gym provides an intense and thrilling experience with our Explosion Boot Camp. With any form of fitness regime, you sometimes need hard workout to complete the week, a chance to makeup a missed session or just to get your workout program back on track! The Explosion Boot Camp helps you do just that!

This 2 day program provides the client with a high energy workout that is guaranteed to get you motivated and exciting about working out. These workouts focus on different parts of the body each week to really streamline the workout process and to jump start your ability to see results. Please know that it doesn’t matter what level in your program you are, everyone benefits!

The classes are held every Saturday and Sunday mornings during spring and summer in our outside fitness location. Participants are strongly encouraged to wear workout clothing, have a good pair of workout tennis shoes, fitness gloves, protective head gear along with towels and plenty of water.

Join us today at one of our boot camps and start see results! For more information please email or call us!

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